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Dances to Learn


Originally a Spanish dance, it is now presented as a very slow type of Rumba rhythm danced to dreamy, romantic music. The music is frequently arranged with Spanish vocals and a subtle percussion effect, usually using Congas or Bongos.


An exciting syncopated Latin dance, which originated in the 1950s as a slowed down mambo. The Cha Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm. The Cha Cha rhythm is found in much of today's popular music.    

East Coast Swing

An original American dance born in the Big Band era. It is frequently referred to as Triple Step Swing.  East Coast Swing is the base for all swing dances, one of which is Jitterbug that is also known as Single Time Swing.


The Foxtrot remains the most popular social dance in the world today. The dance originated in 1913 when a vaudeville performer by the name of Harry Fox performed a little trot which appealed to social dance teachers in New York and thus the foxtrot was born.


The Hustle (Disco) is a member of the Swing family, and is like West Coast Swing in pattern. Very popular in the 70s among nightclub dancers, but is still danced to much of today's contemporary music.


This spicy Latin dance grasped the imagination of the American dance scene at the close of World War II. The Mambo is a spot dance and the steps are compact. It gave birth to the popular Latin nightclub dance known as the Salsa.


The Merengue is a popular Latin nightclub dance which originated in the Dominican Republic. It is a lively and fun dance that is characterized by hip action, commonly referred to as "Cuban Motion".

Nightclub Two-Step

A simple, romantic dance designed for contemporary soft rock ("Love Songs") is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever conceived. It's attractive, romantic, and a real asset to learn since it will be used often.


Developed in the 20’s, this fast, light-hearted and powerfully flowing dance is sprinkled with syncopations. The dance began as a quick version of Foxtrot mixed with the Charleston, and musical "Jazz" influences.


Is Cuban in origin and often referred to as the Latin "dance of love". Sultry and romantic, it’s characterized by its sensual hip action which is known as "Cuban Motion". Typically danced to Latin music, but popular music as well.


The word Salsa means sauce, denoting a "hot" flavor, and it is distinguished from other Latin music styles by defining it as the New York sound developed by Puerto Rican musicians in New York City. It is a popular Latin nightclub dance


The Samba is a lively Brazilian dance, and unlike other Latin dances that are spot dances, it has a traveling action around the floor with lots of spins and controlled bounces. They say that Samba was introduced in the United States in 1939 by the late Carmen Miranda. 


The Tango originated in the bordellos of Buenos Aires. The American style Tango travels around the dance floor, moving along line of dance. It has a quick staccato action and stylized poses. It was first made popular in American culture by silent film movie star, Rudolph Valentino, when he performed a sensual tango in the silent film, "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse".

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is a fast waltz which originated in Austria. The dance enjoyed a great popularity not only in Europe, but also in America, and has been used in many Hollywood productions. The music is fast in tempo and sends the couples whirling around the dance floor.


The Waltz appeared as a fashionable dance in Bohemia, Austria, Bavaria, and other parts of Europe in the late 1700's. A graceful traveling dance characterized by its rise and fall, has a 3/4 rhythm timing. This dance continues to be popular for weddings and anniversaries. 

West Coast Swing

A member of the Swing dance family, but unlike East Coast Swing and Hustle which are dance in a circular action, all figures are danced in a slotted pattern. This dance has no bounce and a very smooth feel.  Typically danced to R&B music, but pop music as well. It is designated the state dance of California.


LearnTaDance Dance Studio utilizes the DVIDA® Syllabus for teaching. It is recognized as one of the approved syllabi of the National Dance Council of America.