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Dances to Learn


Originally a Spanish dance, it is now presented as a very slow type of Rumba rhythm danced to dreamy, romantic music.


An exciting syncopated Latin dance, which originated in the 1950s as a slowed down mambo. The Cha Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm.    

East Coast Swing

An original American dance born in the Big Band era. It is frequently referred to as Triple Step Swing.  East Coast Swing is the base for all swing dances, one of which is Jitterbug that is also known as Single Time Swing.


The Foxtrot remains the most popular social dance in the word today. The dance originated in 1913 when a vaudeville performer by the name of Harry Fox performed a little trot which appealed to social dance teachers in New York and thus the foxtrot was born.


The Hustle (Disco) is a member of the Swing family, and is like West Coast Swing in pattern. Very popular in the 70s among nightclub dancers, but is still danced today to much of today's contemporary music.


This spicy Latin dance grasped the imagination of the American dance scene at the close of World War II. The Mambo is a spot dance and the steps are compact. It gave birth to the popular Latin nightclub dance known as the Salsa.


The Merengue is a popular Latin nightclub dance which originated in the Dominican Republic. It is a lively and fun dance that is characterized by hip action, commonly referred to as "Cuban Motion".

Nightclub Two-Step

A simple, romantic dance designed for contemporary soft rock


Developed in the 20’s, this fast, light-hearted and powerfully flowing dance is sprinkled with syncopations


Known as the Latin dance of love, it’s characterized by its sensual hip action


The popular Latin nightclub dance


A bouncy traveling Latin dance with a Brazilian origin


A dramatic traveling dance with its origin in Argentina

Viennese Waltz

Similar in character to the Waltz but danced to a much faster tempo


A graceful traveling dance characterized by its rise and fall

West Coast Swing

Typically danced to R&B music, it’s the state dance of California


LearnTaDance Dance Studio utilizes the DVIDA® Syllabus for teaching. It is recognized as one of the approved syllabi of the National Dance Council of America.